3D printing

3D Printing is the process of turning a three-dimensional drawing into a real object. 3D printing is particularly attractive when materialising products with complex geometries. It is a process that helps to significantly reduce the weight of structures by optimising the topology, and to realise the design of parts that are impossible to obtain using traditional moulding techniques.

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3D Printed Parts

It's a useful accessory for almost all FPV drones!

3D printing is an extremely efficient method for attaching an action camera, a gps module or a specific antenna to a drone. One of the main criteria for FPV drones is durability, which is why the 3D printed parts used in FPV drones are made of a soft material (TPU) that perfectly absorbs any impact the drone takes and remains intact. 

Detalių gamyba

Turite idėja, bet nežinote kaip ją paversti realybe? Mielai jums padėsime!

We offer: 

  • 3D detalių maketavimą
  • Spausdinimą iš TPU, PLA bei PET-G tipo plastikų
  • Nuotolines konsultacijas  

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